Blow Molding

TPG is the largest diversified custom blow molder in North America with Press capacity ranging from 5 pounds to 100 pounds drop capability. TPG currently has 46 total presses with 11 having large drop capacity ranging from 50 to 100 pounds with the ability to extrude HDPE, PP, ABS, Nano additives and a range of proprietary engineered grade resins.


TPG maintains a comprehensive quality system which meets the ISO/TSI6949 requirements to ensure our customers only get the best and quality parts with 100% on-time delivery. We are also committed to Continuous Improvement initiatives to ensure we continue to exceed our customer’s expectations.

System Level Provider

Recognized as a leader in system level solutions, TPG designs, engineers and integrates multiple components to provide our customers with a full service experience.


TPG current utilizes robotics in the material handling of large OEM products from our presses to drive plant safety, employee welfare and economical work cells. TPG has also made the investment in robotics to perform various secondary machining and routing that improve quality, repetition and provide an economical solution for mid to high volume SKU’s.